In the Media & Other Links

In the Media (selectie)
Interview Humans of the Humanities, August 2020 – NL/EN
Interview Freya, September 2020 – NL
Bijdrage Veni award, September 2019 – NL
Interview Leidsch Dagblad, September 2019 – NL
Bijdrage ‘Babyschaamte’,, December 2019 – NL
Bijdrage ‘Grote Krimp’, April 2019 – NL (video)
Bijdrage Justice Everywhere (ENen Crooked Timber (EN), December 2018
Bijdrage Movies that Matter, Oktober 2018 – EN

– My Leiden University homepage is here.
– My Utrecht University homepage is here.
– My is here, most of my papers can be found in pdf on this site.
– My google scholar profile is here.
– I’m a member of the Center for Political Philosophy.
– I’m associate member of the Hoover Chair of economic and social ethics.
– I’m a member of the European Demography, Ethics and Public Policy group.